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The kitchen is no longer just a room where meals are prepared, but rather the center of the family environment; a gathering place for both family and friends. No wonder so much attention is focused on creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in the multifunctional room. Where money is not an issue, this can be achieved with expensive tiles or stone and lavish cabinetry. In more moderate circumstances where budget constraints play a part in the decision making process, it takes a little more thoughtful creativity to conjure up an inviting kitchen atmosphere. Innovative ideas and attention to detail become paramount.

Over the last couple of decades, so much of the attention in surfacing has been directed toward solid surface (Corian®), stone, and tile with little or no emphasis on laminate surfaces.  This has been due largely to the lack of advancement in laminate technology, along with the promotion of a lot of mythology surrounding the different surfacing products.  That has all changed with the advent of high performance laminates and innovative edge options!

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