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Gem-Loc Premier Edge laminate countertop example

Laminate surfacing has come a long way from what it used to be: limited.

The once sparse selection of available colors and patterns in laminates has grown into an amazing achievement of textures, colors, finishes and styles that rival Mother Nature's own handiwork. Now, not only have laminate materials become more versatile, but they've become more durable. While today's laminates are significantly hardier than they used to be, new High Performance laminates are even harder. Nicks and scratches on the surface are more difficult to inflict, protecting the surface and lengthening its life.

Once utilized for its affordability, laminate surfacing is no longer chosen because of budgetary limitations. With the modern resurgence of laminate has come the resurgence of beautiful, practical design solutions! While laminate surfaces are often accented with edge treatments such as bevel or post form, there is finally a new, unique edge treatment available which can give any laminate an upscale look and feel!

The difference is in the details: Gem-Loc Premier Edge.

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