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What is Gem-Loc ?

Gem-Loc is a countertop and backsplash edge option combining laminate and solid surface materials to give your countertop enhanced beauty, durability, and safety.
Manufactured in Aurora, OR by the inventor/owner since 1999, Gem-Loc is the ultimate countertop edge solution.

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In the home

Choose from over 150 solid surfaces edge colors to add beautiful, durable accent to the economical choice of laminate countertops in the kitchen, bathroom, or pantry extending the looks, life, and safety of your countertop.

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At the office

Protect your investment by edging counters, desks, tables, kiosks, and worktops with Gem-Loc. Reduce costs to that of laminate and still get the edge protection of solid surface.

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Nothing enhances safety, durability, or sterility like Gem-Loc. Round edges, easy to clean, contrasting colors, and durable materials make Gem-Loc an excellent choice for foodservice, medical, geriatric, and educational facilities.

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