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Laminate has traditionally been a very low maintenance product, arguably the easiest countertop surface to maintain.  With Gem-Loc, you’ll find your countertop is considerably more durable and easier to maintain than a standard laminate countertop.  With time, you will notice the solid surface accent color of your Gem-Loc may begin to dull and light scratching may occur from general use.  “00 (sounds like double ott) steel wool” can be used on the solid surface portion of Gem-Loc only to take out light scratching and bring your Gem-Loc to a glossy, high polish.  This can be done less than once per
year, as needed. 

A Gem-Loc countertop edge can be cleaned with most household cleaners.  Bleach and other harsh chemicals are never needed.  For general cleaning and polishing, check out Protect All Shine Plus.  This product works great on Gem-Loc and on the laminate surface.  To use: just spray and lightly rub in with rag.  Then with a dry rag, buff the surface with an aggressive motion.  This should give you a clean surface with a polished look.  This can be done as needed.

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