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Getting Started

We are always on the look out for exceptional customer service representatives, creative and inspiring design and marketing professionals, and responsible, exciting and eager production personnel.  If you were sent here by an employment ad, we are actively searching for one of these positions.  If not, don’t be hesitant to send in an application anyway.

If you're looking for an enjoyable environment to work in, you need to throw your hat in the ring on this one! If you are personable, quick to learn and a self-starter, you owe it to yourself to apply for one of these positions. This is your opportunity to work in a comfortable and productive atmosphere with great people!

As an added note: We are looking for people who are in control of their lives. We like a good cold beer after work, just like the next person and what you do after work is your own business, but if you have a drug or alcohol problem, or if your attitude about life sucks, please save us all the trouble. We're not going to like you, so don't apply here!

Stop! Don't respond until you have read this completely! Aurora based national company, searching for extraordinary people to join an already assembled, first rate team. If you have been feeling like you don't belong where you are, you're probably right! We're not your ordinary company. We like having a good time at work and we love whoopin' up on our competition! This is what it will take to join this group:

Dependable and reliable
Comfortable working alone and with others.
Good hand-to-eye coordination
Desire to be Accurate, Accurate, Accurate!
Motivated to learn new skills

Creative and original
Pleasant personality
Easy to be around / All around good person (very important)
Keen sense of humor (even more important!)

If you believe you have what it takes, jump in and let's find out! If you're just trying to con your way into a job with a great company, forget it ... our people will see right through you!

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