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Gem-Loc Premier Edge enhances the beauty, durability, and safety of your laminate countertop

A. Laminate is safe. Laminate does not harbor the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, and other microorganisms. The use of bleach and other harsh cleansers is never necessary!

B. Gem-Loc and laminate perform. With a ten year warranty and a time-tested product, Gem-Loc outperforms bevel edge tenfold as a long lasting and easy to install edge enhancement. With only minimal care, surfacing with Gem-Loc can last a lifetime!

C. Breathtaking beauty. More than ever, laminate is able to recreate patterns and textures that now rival the look of any high end surfacing material, and for a fraction of the cost. The smooth, radius edge of Gem-Loc creates a rich appearance with an inviting tactile quality. Achieve endless color combinations for any taste and style.

D. Outfit your home for comfort. Gem-Loc is easy to care for and maintain, adding a stylish quality to any space. Comfort is in the details, and knowing that you have a practical, beautiful solution, you can rest easy. A beautiful new kitchen countertop can do wonders for your soul, your atmosphere, and the value of your home.

E. Make a sound financial choice. The new, high performance laminates can now achieve incredible textures with highly resilient finishes. These new laminates with Gem-Loc Premier Edge, add so much to the warmth and beauty of any kitchen. For just pennies on the dollar, Gem-Loc can greatly increase the perceived value of your home!

F. A lasting investment. Inherently, the front edge of a countertop is the heaviest wear area in your kitchen. Gem-Loc’s radius solid surface corner elements spread the wear over a larger area. This combined with the fact that Gem-Loc utilizes moisture resistance MDF, Gem-Loc truly is the most durable laminate edge treatment on the planet!

G. Improved safety and pleasing feel. Gem-Loc edges are rounded top and bottom and installed properly have no edges or sharp corners. The solid surface accents are highly polished to provide smooth, safe, and easy to clean highlights for your countertop or backsplash.

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