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Gem-Loc Premier Laminate Countertop Edge

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   Gem-Loc Premier products are durable, decorative options for laminate countertops and casework. Our edges and backsplashes are made with a unique, patented combination of a laminate face and solid surface edges making it the ultimate laminate surface edge option.

   Laminate alone as a countertop edge gives you options that have sharp edges, ugly seams, are easy to damage, or can be hard to repair.

   Solid surface (such as Corian®) alone as a countertop is very durable and can have nice smooth edges but overall is very expensive in material, installation, and maintenance.

   By combining a laminate face with smooth rounded solid surface edges top and bottom Gem-Loc Premier Edge gives your laminate surfaces the edge to be beautiful and endure without breaking your budget.

   We can manufacture your Gem-Loc using practically any laminate on the market and you can choose from hundreds of solid surface colors to highlight as you wish.

   Every piece of Gem-Loc Premier Edge is custom made to order so the choices are yours!

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   Loti Corporation is an independent family-run manufacturing company whose primary product is Gem-Loc Premier Edge for laminate surfaces. Our facility is located in the beautiful Willamette Valley outside Aurora, Oregon.
   Gem-Loc Premier Edge was developed and patented by company founder Basil Kelley who was simply frustrated by the lack of imagination (and that ugly black line) in flat lay and bevel edges for laminate countertops. We fulfill Gem-Loc orders for hundreds of residential, commercial, and institutional fabricators and installers all over the US and Canada ( see the map ).
   We don't just get by making a product. We strive to make the ultimate laminate surface edge option at a reasonable price. Over the years we have innovated and gone contrary to industry standards in order to provide such a product. Whether it's been a better wood, a better glue, or a better seaming method ( PLUS ) Loti Corporation is an innovative leader in our industry that others can only try to copy.
   Loti is an acronym for Luck Of The Irish. We like hard work, dogs, bar-b-que, and cold beer.

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