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Gem-Loc Premier Edge is an innovative approach to accenting laminate surfacing.  By combining both laminate and solid surface into a decorative molding, a very high end look is achieved while minimizing the impact on your client’s budget.  The use of solid surface is not only aesthetically appealing, but creates a corner that is much more durable than laminate.  As laminate wears, the melamine finish breaks down showing the dark phenolic color underneath.  This becomes apparent with bevel edge and other laminate edge countertops that are only a few years old.  With a Gem-Loc edge, the solid surface material will continue to be the same color as the product wears, both from use and age.


Gem-Loc has over 150 accent colors to choose from allowing your customer to tie the laminate surface in with the rest of the kitchen décor.  Use the solid surface material to lighten or darken the space; or create a subtle or neutral accent to keep the attention elsewhere in the room.  Whatever your customer’s desire, Gem-Loc provides them with a look that is custom tailored to fit their needs.  Overwhelming? Choose from pre-selected color combinations on one of the Gem-Loc sample chains! If you are is still hard pressed to find the right match for the project, our quality staff is available to help.


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