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Loti Bev-Loc Countertop Edge Profile
Bev-Loc is a traditional monotonic laminate edge that incorporates 45 degree angles to soften the transition from horizontal countertop surface to the front edge.  A tried and true product, bevel edge was originally developed in the 70’s and has been a popular choice for accenting laminate countertops ever since.  Bev-Loc is manufactured from a single piece of laminate so pattern flows from face to bevel for a consistent and natural look.

Loti Bev-Loc Backsplash Profile

  Bev-Loc is also available as a premade backsplash.  This
  product is 9/16" thick x 105" long and is miter folded on both
  ends for a clean, finished look.  Bev-Loc backsplashes are
  factory finished for quick cut to size, fit and install. Available
  in 4" and 5" heights.

  To view information on Gem-Loc Premier Edge, a decorative and
  more durable edge treatment for your laminate countertop
  please click here.   Gem-Loc is available as countertop edge,
  backsplash cap, and in premade backsplashes.

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