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Changes within the surfacing market along with the steady rise in shipping costs have made it increasingly difficult to work around the 12 foot standard for materials.  As a result, shipping, beyond point charges, residential fees, and damages to 12 foot shipments are affecting your profit margin!  While our competitors raise prices and reduce availability and service levels, Loti Corporation has chosen to innovate once again!  We have updated our manufacturing to build 106" material with our own PLUS seam on each end.


PLUS, the Pre-made Linear Union System is a revolutionary new design incorporated into Gem-Loc Premier Edge.  Originally a response to complications within the freight shipping industry, PLUS has evolved into the standard for decorative laminate moldings.  PLUS is a manufacturers seam that allows the fabricator to seam two pieces of Gem-Loc together to produce an edge length as short or as long as the project requires.  A length otherwise too short can now be joined with another maximizing yield and minimizing waste.  Most companies would take this opportunity to talk about green innovation, but we see this as a natural part of providing value.


The special curvature of PLUS creates interlocking seam joints that not only

self-align, unlike standard joints, but

also allow a stronger bond due to added surface area.    With PLUS seams on materials 106" long we can now ship all Gem-Loc products via Fed-Ex providing you tremendous savings on shipping costs!

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