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Loti Corporation is equipped with a variety of sales tools to better assist you in promoting Gem-Loc Premier Edge to your customers. From brochures to introduce the product to the gorgeous Stocking Solid Surface Portfolio to show actual samples of solid surface materials, these items prove to be valuable tools to put Gem-Loc at your clients' fingertips! Download a copy of the Media Order Form and get started anytime! Orders can be placed via fax or e-mail.

The following products are available:

Stocking Solid Surface Portfolio


This is an excellent tool for color coordinating, as it houses samples
of actual materials of solid surface colors.

Stocking Solid Surface Selection Guide

A 5-panel printed version of the Stocking Solid Surface Portfolio.
Amazing color quality and a handy reference tool!

Gem-Loc Brochures

A simple introductory tri-fold brochure featuring before and after photos
of Gem-Loc Premier Edge, a great way to demonstrate the concept!

Cascade Collection Sample Chain

Featuring popular color combinations in Gem-Loc Premier Edge.
Combinations in this chain incur no upcharges for premium laminate
or solid surface colors!

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